Logan McKenzie Alpe


Channing Joel Curtis

Logan McKenzie Alpe and Channing Joel Curtis

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Our Story

Channing and I met on one of our very first nights at Ole Miss as freshmen, in the Martin and Stockard dorm. From the moment we connected, we were pretty much inseparable. Our relationship grew over Mexican food, milkshakes, and a lot of Friends episodes. After we had dated for a little over 3 years, Channing proposed at Rowan Oak. He got the whole thing together and even included our friends and family, and I had no idea! We set up a day to take "graduation" pictures starting on campus and ending at Rowan Oak where we got engaged!
We are so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing family and friends to support us and celebrate us. We can't wait to have you at our wedding celebration this August!
Love, Logan and Channing
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